Change Your Results. Change Your Game.

The Rzultz Credo

Change Your Results. Change Your Game.

The simple truth is . . . if you want better results, you have to change your game.

No ifs, ands, or butts.

Just like athletes working hard to reach their peak potential to win that ultimate race; leaders and their organizations must work hard too to beat the competition and win their race.

We all know that doing the right thing, at the right time, generates the best results. So, leaders and organizations must constantly assess their results, challenge their thinking, equip themselves for peak performance, adapt, compete and win.

There is something to be learned from the sporting world and performance psychology. Sport and performance psychologists focus on identifying and applying psychological principles that facilitate peak sport performance to guide and help athletes achieve optimal human performance.

That’s where Rzultz steps in.

We don’t work on athletes; we work on leaders and their organizations so they too can reach their peak performance to win. It’s simple – leaders and organizations want great results, stay in the game, and ultimately win.

So, how do we start?

The Results Credo

It all starts with how leaders and organizations think. Martial artists get it right from the start. The martial arts creed taught to all martial arts students start and end with, “I will keep my thoughts positive because my thoughts become my words. I will keep my words positive because my words become my actions. I will keep my actions positive because my actions become my values. I will keep my values positive because my values become my destiny.” It’s simple but robust. It’s short and sweet. And, it always works.

Rzultz is in the business to help businesses perform better.

So, in order to help clients – individual leaders, teams or a whole organization – move from their current position to a better outcome, we employ our very own Rzultz Credo to help kick start a new and better result for clients. That always starts with the end in mind. In other words, your new and better destiny can start with you too using our credo to become a rallying cry for your leaders and organization. Here it is; short, powerful, and to the point:


I am a leader.

My job is to lead the way to create success.

I am part of a great team.

I am only one person in a bigger, more important group of talented people aspiring for the same thing.

Success starts with me.

My thinking, my words, my actions and my values shape my destiny. It’s all connected to the same thing – results.

Better is always best.

I promise to make myself, my team, and my organization better so that we together can lead the way and stand the test of time.

I play nice.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Staying together is success. So, I promise to play nice.

I keep the perfect end in mind.

Perfect is not attainable. But, if I aspire for a perfect result, for me and for others, I will always do the right thing. I promise to go for the best results, each and every day.

The Rzultz Credo supports clients across a number of areas of performance improvement including visioning, development of new business models, strategies and plans, leadership assessment and executive coaching, cost reduction and process improvement, and much more.

We are experts at identifying the real drivers of improved performance and at working effectively with clients to deliver the necessary operational and structural changes across their organization. We have practical, effective approaches and a commitment to see the job through.

The Rzultz Performance Playbook

Our game-changing Performance Playbook approach creates customized solutions for you and your organization.

We understand clients and what typically works for them. We identify together the key levers for success and then carefully structure the best plan of action, correct support for successful implementation and delivery of long term benefits, all while working as your trusted partner at the right levels in your organization.

Our clients consider us trusted advisors. We work with them to build the right performance playbook to generate the best results in the most efficient, effective and cost-competitive way. That way, we save you time, frustration and money.

We are proud of our reputation as an extremely agile operator.  Our deep market experience gives us a framework to quickly assess the issue, scope a pragmatic approach and then to mobilize a high-quality team. We can work effectively across a range of assignment sizes, geographies and industries.

Just ask us how we can help you.