About Us

We are dedicated to accelerating and sustaining results – for you and your organization.
It is our raison d'Être and it's what we are good at.

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Pierre Lebel

Pierre F. Lebel

Founder and Chief Results Officer

Leslie Ferrari

Leslie Ferrari

Executive & Leadership Mentor

Monique Armstrong

Monique Armstrong

Senior Partner

Nilavanh Limsakoune

Nilavanh Limsakoune

Principal – Corporate Branding and Design

Our Team

We work hard, play hard…
Our secret to success

All kidding aside, despite our youthful appearance, collectively, we have over 100 years of street-smart, roll-up-your-sleeves expertise and experience. And beyond that, we bring expert thought provoking crucial conversations to the table along with our really, really cool methods and tools to help leaders and organizations not only thrive but also perform in ways that they only could imagine. All it takes is a spark; and its our job to light that match to spark the innovation needed to get you and your team to new results.

Our Credo

I am a leader.

My job is to lead the way to create success.

I am part of a great team.

I am only one person in a bigger, more important group of talented people aspiring for the same thing.

Success starts with me.

My thinking, my words, my actions and my values shape my destiny. It’s all connected to the same thing – results.

Better is always best.

I promise to make myself, my team, and my organization better so that we together can lead the way and stand the test of time.

I play nice.

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Staying together is success. So, I promise to play nice.

I keep the perfect end in mind.

Perfect is not attainable. But, if I aspire for a perfect result, for me and for others, I will always do the right thing. I promise to go for the best results, each and every day.